Dear all,

Here in Brazil we have different activities which embody our missionary spirit : the “creche”, the Biblical Centre and now this new-born project : “Sons and Daughters of Mary”. I’ll tell you something about this.

It all started 3 years ago, when in the “creche” we were not allowed to host children over 6 . We were obliged to close the group called “controturno”

What could we do for those children? We started to ask the Holy Spirit to give us a sign, sure that God wouldn’t abandon us. One day, talking with a mother who was crying because she didn’t know where she could leave her daughter, we had an idea!

We thought of creating an area in our home where we could host this girl : we could teach her basic skills like sewing, cooking, praying, doing some housework. And so we started! The following day she started coming to our house. The news spread around and the following month two other girls came. At the end of the second month some boys came as well , so it was necessary to organize different activities

Now there are more than 60 boys and girls, aged 6-16. We have painting classes, embroidery, crochet classes, music workshops, recreational activities, catechetical meetings. The project can go on thanks to donations and the selling of items made by the kids at the Craft Fair. We rely on the help of several volunteers who offer their skills because they believe in the dreams of these kids and teenagers.

These are just words,,, so please come and see it! Our project has the purpose to educate to life and faith with the help of Virgin Mary!

With boundless joy and thankfulness I hug you all, Sister Maria Daniele


Progetto Figlie Figlie di Maria per i ragazzi di Ponta Grossa