In our religious family, unity is not the result of human commitment or the result of emotional sympathy, empathies or likelihood of thoughts.

It is the sacrament of communion which exists among the 3 persons of the Holy Trinity. It’s the fruit of the gratuitous love of God, who has chosen and consecrated the Daughters and Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary ( FFCIM) in order to continue the divine plan shown by Jesus in his priestly prayer : “ That they may be one “ (John, 17:21)

It’s up to the members of the religious family to create the practical and spiritual conditions so that , in Christ, the Spirit can fulfill this projcet.

The members of the religious family can find in the Family itself the “place” where they can discover how to be themselves and the place where they are themselves; the place where they can grow , they can promote and improve their own personal identity, through the action of the Spirit.

They live with their heart receptive to the mystery of the Holy Trinity in charity , so that they can gradually enter into the mistery of God: “One in Three”. He wants us to take part in His divine communion and he invites us to live the Easter mystery in our personal lives – as a death of our “I” to be born again in Jesus as “new men” . Thus he can make of our life a full thanksgiving to Him.