The religious family experiences unity within: the community becomes the sacrament of Trinitarian communion and embodies this motherly calling of giving birth to new children to the Grace of God following the example of Virgin Mary, obedient to the Father in the faith.

Mary lived her motherhood as the fruit of the action of the Spirit for all of us, for the Church and for the world.

The Daughters and Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary ( FFCIM) are missionaries when they live in communion with God and among themselves and live in the gift of self to others with generosity, in joy and simplicity of heart.

The fear of falling in an exclusive , self-centered and possessive communion, (not certainly the image of the Trinitarian communion) must encourage the members of the religious family to a continuous verification in God, in prayer and in the sacramental life. Such fear must never preclude the unifying action of the Spirit: we must not be afraid of loving, but of “loving too little”.