Address: Via di Valle Alessandria, 35 - Rome (Italy) - Tel: +39.06.2050262

Parva Domus Mariae - The community of the Daughters and Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (FFCIM) was born in Italy, in 1944, in Lombardy, in the North-West of Italy. (see Our roots) . In 1951 Sister Maria Liliana felt the need to have a point of support in Rome. For this reason, the community bought a 7-room house in Torre Gaia, a developing suburban area on the outskirts of Rome.

Torre Gaia lacked every form of social and cultural facilities: the community thought it would be useful to give the young women in the area the opportunity to attend vocational training courses , like sewing and tailoring, embroidery , knitting classes. For these courses new classrooms were needed, so the sisters themselves helped the bricklayers who were in charge of the extension works, due to dire finanacial straits. The sisters worked also as teachers, giving lessons and helping the young women in their human and spiritual growth.

Soon after, young people were offered the opportunity to follow Lower Secondary School courses, using innovative learning aids, like lessons on TV, with external exams. New vocational traning courses were organized for young women who had no chances to continue their studies after the Lower Cecondary School certificate : these courses were free , promoted and financed by Regione Lazio and enabled students to get the qualification as secretaries.

To meet the needs of the area, the house was expanded with new extensions and a new activity started at the closing of vocational training courses: the house became a home for the elderly. All guests – the maximum number reached 35 guests- were self-sufficient: and lived the last years of their life in a welcoming and cosy environment.

Such activity continued as far as 1996: in that year, part of the house started being refurbished and renovated in order to be used as a “holiday house”.

At the moment, young university students are hosted there for the lenght of the academic year and pilgrims who come to Rome for a short period. The atmosphere is warm , familiar, welcoming and friendly. The house is surrounded by a wide green area with olive trees. There are parking facilities. A chapel inside the house fosters prayer and meditation, in a peaceful environment.